Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Website for Pheasey Labour

Due to some issues with blogspot, we are moving the website to

This site will not be deleted but no longer maintained and all new content will be placed onto the new address.

Please change your bookmarks to reflect this.

Ian Robathan

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Tim Oliver

Just had the very sad news that Tim Oliver the leader of Walsall Labour Party has sadly passed away today.

He fought a long and courageous fight against a dreadful illness and the determination of him was clear for all to see.

Coming just after we finally won the council we are happy at least he saw this happen and sad he could not be at the count.

RIP Tim from all your comrades in Walsall.

Condolences to all Tim's family, friends and comrades.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ashley Lovell and Pheasey Labour give residents a say

Ashley Lovell and the Pheasey Labour Party re the only party willing to give the residents of Pheasey, Park Farm, Nether Hall and Orchard Hills a say on their future.

Ashley has pledged that if elected he will send out a questionnaire to all residents asking where they would like to be. One of the common things we have heard is that residents fell 'disconnected to Walsall'.

Other parties would not want residents to have a say, other parties prefer the status quo. Pheasey Labour are not like these parties, we want to listen to the residents and campaign for WHAT you want and not what narrow party interests dictate to you.

A vote for Ashley Lovell is a vote for residents being listened to and real democracy.

Ashley a Parachute candidate, going to win then ?

We have delivered our final leaflet today to the residents of Pheasey. Whilst delivering we were asked to explain it. Obviously on a  leaflet you can only write so much, so lets explain this in detail here.

In a leaflet the Tories have claimed that Ashley Lovell is a parachute candidate from Wednesbury. This is false on two counts.

1) A parachute candidate in political terms is a person put into a safe seat, are the Tories suggesting Pheasey is now a safe seat for Labour, hope so !

2) Ashley lives in Moxley, Darlaston. Our leaflets have never hidden this. Wednesbury is in Sandwell not Walsall so Ashley would not be eligible to stand for election if true. Of course what has happened is that they have messed up and looked at only his postal address. Like with us in Pheasey this would mean we live in Birmingham, we do not !

It is not our fault the Tories have failed to do their proper research and it is only proper and right we put this to the residents. Of course is Chris Towe, Adrian Andrew and Mike Bird all parachute candidates, they do not live in Pheasey and sit in what is defined as a safe Tory seat.

We will see tomorrow if the residents of Pheasey like this kind of political smear on a candidate regardless if the Tories get out another leaflet with such short time left.

I would urge you to look at what they say and fail to do and the words from Ashley and see who you think is the right person to represent you.

Only the people of Pheasey can decide that.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ashley Lovell Meets Ed

As you may be aware Ed was in Bloxwich yesterday launching our new policy on the National Minimum Wage.

Ashley Lovell was invited to this meeting and was able to speak to Ed about the ward's concerns over ASB, traffic parking and the cost of living. These issues have all been mentioned to Ashley in the street surgeries and as he promised he has brought it to the attention of both Ed Miliband and also Andy Burnham earlier on in this month.

Ashley is not a local election candidate who promises what he can not deliver and if elected Ashley will represent Pheasey as if he lives here himself. The concerns of the residents in this ward and his concerns and will make sure that they all get represented even if opposing views.

On Thursday this is the choice that faces the voters of Pheasey, the same old politicians or a new politician in Ashley who promises delivery.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Your Vote is important, use it to vote for Ashley Lovell

As a resident of Pheasey, you would have had the leaflets, you would have seen what the candidates wish to say to you.

We obviously want you to vote Ashley Lovell for Labour for Pheasey. We believe the ward needs a fresh viewpoint and energy that is sadly lacking from the sitting councillors.

However it has always been the case that Council elections turnout is poor and we want encourage you to vote, We want you to vote Labour but your vote is important for the future.

Voting is powerful, voting allows you a say.

Ashley's pledge to you is that if we win on Thursday he will represent you all regardless of who you support and whether you vote or not.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pheasey Campaign Update

Local elections are more than just being visible for a month in April and May. The residents we have met we have told them we are here all the year round, this is vital for any local party to thrive and prosper.

We are glad to say that Ashley as our candidate has clear thoughts on what he wants to do and these are something the residents appreciate. Other parties may do things their own way but we have a passion for Pheasey and the wider ward that extends past mere political slogans and is about looking after the needs of all.

We have now performed two successful Street Surgeries and Ashley has took the points on board and if elected will progress them. These includes points that may be politically difficult as Labour members to agree with but the residents are the number one concern.

As we go into the last two weeks of the campaign we are fully aware of the task that faces us to win the ward. We have seen a leaflet from one of the other parties that is a slur based on a falsehood. It would be nice not to see something like that but maybe it shows how worried that party is ?

Of course any resident who wishes to contact Ashley can do so through mailing and the promise is to reply within 24 hours.