Saturday, 19 April 2014

Successful Street Surgeries

Ashley Lovell today had a very successful set of street surgeries and will post up a report of them in the next couple of days.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Meet the residents sessions on Saturday

Pheasey Labour Party are delighted to announce that Labour Candidate Ashley Lovell has arranged some 'street meetings' tomorrow to meet residents and listen to any concerns or worries.

These meetings will be at

10AM - Netherhall - By the Main Entrance
11AM - Near to the Cat and Fiddle pub
12 Noon - Outside Beacon Church on Collingwood Drive
1PM - On Bonnington Way outside of the flats

We will be delighted to meet any residents of Pheasey for these sessions and further ones will be arranged.

If you can make these then please contact Ashley via or write to

Walsall Labour Party
Bellamy House
Wilkes Street, Willenhall

There are clear choices in the forthcoming elections and we wish everyone to share our vision of how Pheasey should be run.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Pheasey Labour Response to Great Barr Hall Application

As we promised we have consulted with residents and the following letter submitted to the planning department is the result of the consultations. In the main we found the conversations to be constructive and friendly.

We confirm as a party we are committed to presenting all sides of the debate and whatever representations are made without favour to any side.

To clarify that the positions of the two local Labour MP's Valerie Vaz (Walsall South) and Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) are their own personal positions and do not impact upon our position.

We can be contacted by mailing or Ashley Lovell at


Dear Sir/Madam,

This response is on behalf of the Pheasey Labour party.

We took a position of neutrality in this debate as. A period of consultation with affected residents was undertook to put over their points of view on this development.

This consultation was with three sections of the community.

-       Chapel Lane Residents

-       Netherhall Residents

-       Park Farm Residents

It should be noted that no resident of Pheasey Estate has contacted us with a preference.


As the residents with the majority of the planned building works on their side we held a face to face conversation with them. Their points were as follows

-       Loss of open space/protected green belt

-       Huge traffic implications due to the proposed 59 houses and  600 seated banqueting centre with only access via Chapel Lane

-       Loss of rural character

-       The proposed 6ft boundary wall - the loss of vista and severing the greenbelt

-       The site of the proposed enablement development on Chapel lane 

-       Impact on local services/schools GP's etc


We did arrange a face to face meeting with the Netherhall and Park Farm residents but due to the  weather conditions these were cancelled. The following responses are based on email and telephone conversations.




The position of these residents was as follows

-       The security of the proposal, would it make the land more secure

-       That no further housing would be built

-       One person mentioned that they were concerned Bovis could be involved

-       The state of the Dam and who would repair it if the planning was not passed

-       Further impact on traffic on Chapel Lane that many residents on Park Farm use to get to work

-       One resident was outright against on the basis of a position of no development at all on green belt

-       One resident was concerned that the two developments would be linked.

We have advised residents on the best way to object and objections should be on the matter of planning law.

We urge the Committee to take into account all reasonable views before making a decision and that the rules are enforced as to a matter of law.


Ashley Lovell on behalf of Pheasey Park Farm Labour Party.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Full List of Labour candidates for Walsall Council

A couple of people have asked who is standing for Labour in this election and this is the current list.

Harbans Sarohi - Pleck *
Wendy Collins - Darlaston South
Rose Burley - Bentley Darlaston North *  
Ashley Lovell - Pheasey Park Farm
Nasar Ali - Paddock 
Aftab Nawaz - St Matthews
Mohammed Nazir - Palfrey *

Matt Ward - Bloxwich West
Kath Phillips -  Bloxwich East *
Lee Jeavons - Birchills Leamore *
Ian Robertson - Blakenall
Claire Clewes - Rushall-Shelfield
Diane Coughlan - Willenhall South * 

Lauren Davies - Brownhills
Raaj Shamji  - Streetly
Corrie Halford - Aldridge Central and South

* indicates sitting councillor

We are defending 7 seats which includes Blakenall.

Still to select - Short Heath, Willenhall North, Pelsall, Aldridge North and Walsall Wood

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Netherhall and Park Farm consultation cancelled

Due to the bad weather forecast for tomorrow we have cancelled the consultation with Ashley Lovell until next Sunday. apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you any queries please contact us on

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Update from English Heritage, Bovis dumping and Netherhall/Park Farm Consultation

We have a couple of updates to bring you on two current issues.


Following the residents consultations we were asked to check with English Heritage on their position, this is a report of that conversation.

We had a  talk for ten minutes and I explained our position as a neutral party and that we would like a statement from EH. He explained that as the planning proposal was now under consideration he could not do that as a statutory body.  However he gave me the following guidance -

- Been in discussions with the new owners and architects for a number of months
- The owners have done all that English Heritage asked of them through this constant dialogue
- The primary aim of the talks was to restore the listed Hall and Gardens and they are satisfied the plans do that
- The enabling development of 57 homes was the maximum they would agree to close by and on registered parkland
- Was happy with the English Heritage position as portrayed in the Architects submission in the application
- No final decision has been made by English Heritage over the application until they have fully consulted the paperwork


Following on from the open letter we have had one response from Adrian Andrew. He simply said that this is in hand. We asked for further details and none have been forthcoming. We will be following this up.

The FOI request has been accepted and the reference number is RFI0103/14  the council have 20 working days to reply to this.


We were due to consult this weekend with Netherhall and Park Farm residents on Sunday. However due to the weather forecast this may need to postponed. We will update on Saturday if this is the case.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bovis Homes – Serious Landscaping Issues at Great Barr

We have sent the following open letter  to the following organisations and people on the possible breaking of planning regulations on Netherhall

Bovis Homes
Pheasey Councillors
Valerie Vaz MP
Great Barr Observer
Walsall MBC Planning Department
Beacon Action Group
Great Barr Hall Action Committee

We will post any replies on this important subject.

There are new, urgent, concerns regarding the 30 hectares or so of Registered Landscape, once part of the old Male Homes side of St Margaret’s Hospital, which remains in the ownership of Bovis Homes.

Since March 2010, Bob Winkle of Beacon Action Group and Peter Allen of Great Barr Hall Action Committee have repeatedly brought evidence to the attention of Walsall MBC of apparent infringements of the agreed Earthworks Strategy of July 2005 relating to the ex-Male Homes site. This crucial document is intimately linked to the planning conditions attached to the original 2004 Netherhall planning permission.

One of the principal concerns emerging from all this protracted dialogue is that no scheme appears to be in place for regular monitoring of activities on the highly-sensitive ex-Males Home site. Any intervention that takes place is invariably reactive, rather than proactive. That situation is extremely worrying since any deviation from the carefully worked out Earthworks Strategy and Landscape and Ecological Management Plan could have serious repercussions for long-term plans for elevating the whole site (the Bovis and Great Barr Hall land elements) to country park status. Nothing of any consequence can come of these laudable plans for creating a considerable community asset if a large part of the landscape is composed of illegally dumped building debris with but a thin layer of topsoil.

In October 2013, Peter Allen from Great Barr Hall Action Committee prepared an extensive briefing paper [‘ Building Debris Illegally Buried on Historic Landscape’ – 22 pages and 29 images] which appears to provide prima facie evidence of illegal dumping and unauthorised tree felling by Bovis Homes on this site. That document was brought to the attention of Walsall Planning department and, we believe, was sent for legal opinion. No word has filtered through of any action being taken against Bovis Homes for these infringements.

Considering the number of alerts received by Walsall MBC officers over recent years one would expect this area, and the activities of Bovis Homes, to be under constant scrutiny, either from themselves or appointed outside agencies. But that is clearly not the case since there has recently been another serious development.

The release of Mr Allen’s briefing paper must surely have prompted Walsall MBC to, at the very least, castigate Bovis Homes for their flagrant violations against agreed permissions. Yet recent further serious misdemeanours clearly show that these protestations have gone unheeded. I would refer you to photographic evidence, taken 28 December 2013, which shows conclusively that the large mound of crushed demolition material north of the Male Homes loop (Landscape Zone 8) has recently been bulldozed into the surrounding landscape.

It should not be necessary to remind all parties that this material, partially used by Bovis for hardcore on the Netherhall Estate but long since surplus to requirements, should have been removed from site. That is what was agreed in the legally-binding Earthworks Strategy. There is no evidence from Netherhall residents and other sources of any vehicular movements resulting in the transport of any of this crushed demolition material off site. The records which Bovis Homes are obliged to keep for all earthworks operations should readily confirm this statement to be true.

It is an undeniable fact that house-builders take advantage of weak and ineffective councils who fail to adequately police the planning conditions which are such an integral part of the planning process. It is clear Walsall MBC have been particularly impotent in this case.

We would respectfully ask Walsall MBC to respond to the following questions:

1. How has the major problem of illegal dumping and capping of new-build debris on an area close to the Gothic Bridge, on the southerly tip of Landscape Zone 16, been resolved? What was the nature of the legal opinion obtained on this activity and did prosecution result?

2. What action has been taken to address the departure from agreed deposition levels detailed in the briefing paper prepared by Mr Allen?

3. Has recent widespread landscaping of Landscape Zone 16 been carried out strictly in accordance with the agreed Earthworks Strategy, including the achievement of deposition levels? Has the work been verified by independent land surveyors?

4. What action is being taken to reverse any unauthorised earthwork operations?

5. What urgent action will be taken to address the recent illegal spreading of crushed demolition material?

6. Has the Environment Agency been alerted to the illegal activities of Bovis Homes on this site? What opinion did they express?

7. What action has been taken regarding the apparent illegal felling of trees close to the walled garden site?

To find out what action has been taken we have submitted a FOI request to Walsall MBC.